Bloovi redesign

Bloovi, an abbreviation for blooming vision is an online magazine aimed at belgian companies. Spreading the entrepreneurial virus. Sharing groundbreaking ideas. Creating the future. That's what Bloovi is all about.

Bloovi 1.0 to 2.0

In early 2021, Bloovi came to us with the question of giving their website a thorough overhaul as part of their new branding. An ideal case for us, we are on the website ourselves every day so we know the site inside out.

The challenge

Applying a completely new corporate identity to the current design, was the question Marnik and his team came to us with. It soon became clear that the current and old styles conflicted and a thorough approach was chosen. Not obvious because, as many know, the content base at Bloovi has grown tremendously over the years.

Our process


Everything starts with a good alignment of exactly what should be in the design. Where do we take the current flow of the site and where do we get cart-blanche for a new flow. Based on the input, we drew about 35 mockups that would serve as the foundation of the website.

Design sprint

Once validated by the Bloovi team, the first designs were made. This way we could quickly check with 1 or 2 pages whether we had the same style in mind. Once we had those down, the other pages were produced in no time, so that we could quickly start developing the new site.


The approved designs were converted to HTML/CSS so that they could then be incorporated into the CMS system. In order not to have to do extra work and to work very quickly, we chose to develop and implement simultaneously so that we could also test and solve bugs with the current content.

Follow up

Once the site was fully up and running (after only 4 weeks of design & development work), some more testing was done and the site was ready to be launched along with the new logo. Until today we still make new designs for new pages here and there to keep everything as up-to-date and attractive as possible.