Unleashing your inner digital spy: 10 tips to uncover your competitors' secret strategies

Why not spy on your direct competition and who knows you might uncover something you were missing all the timeā€¦

Why your marketing isn't generating conversions: common mistakes and how to fix them

Are you tired of wasting money on marketing campaigns that fail to generate leads?

TechTalk: The Pulse of SEO, Tech and Branding #1

Join us on our bi-weekly journey through SEO, Tech & Branding with TechTalk: Your source for the latest tech trends & news!

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How to use brand archetypes to finish off your brand strategy

There are 12 pre-defined brand archetypes, when used properly, they better reflect the brand and match the personality type with your different customer persona.

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Building sustainable brand awareness to boost your sales

Brand awareness is what it actually says. How aware are people of your products or services, of your brand, and do they remember it?

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A great positioning statement to finish off your brand marketing strategy

In our brand strategy, we've already covered the brand purpose and the mission- and vision statement. To finish this off, we will focus on a positioning statement.

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Know your target audience and resonate with them

Targeting people who don't want to buy, sounds like the worst thing to do, no? So why is it that we often see most of our potential customers doing just this?!

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Why you need great brand values and how to create them

Brand values are all about feelings and experiences, both positive and negative. We will try to map out what we like to be and don't like about competitors and other brands.

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Mission and vision statements are must-haves in a customer-centric company

Many customers confuse a brand's vision statement and its mission statement. Let's have a look at what makes them different and how to craft them.

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Define your brand purpose

Brand purpose is what makes brands relevant and necessary in an increasingly connected world where people can access information about products or services from every conceivable angle.

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Lead generation: is it sales or marketing?

Since marketing and sales departments have different approaches to generating leads and are constantly arguing whose job it is. We will also try to give you some insights on who we think is responsible and what a lead is to each of them.

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Brand management: How to build a strong positioning for your company

In 2022 we live in the world of millions different businesses. Yet, not every business becomes a brand.

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How to make your Instagram marketing strategy work

With Instagram being one of the most popular social networks and having around 1 billion active users monthly, it is hard to imagine a better social media platform for businesses to do their marketing.

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How to Capture and Keep Attention in a Noisy World

It's no secret that the digital age has ushered in an era of unprecedented noise. With so many competing voices vying for customers' attention, it can be difficult to capture and keep their attention for long.

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Marketing Automation: Why, how, what?

You can use technology to perform certain marketing tasks for you without much effort on your part, which can save you a ton of time. That's marketing automation in a nutshell.

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Innovation to look out for in 2022

As we move into 2022, technology's role is still vital as ever. Most businesses' focus will be on connecting with customers through digital channels, optimizing operations, and enabling their workforce.

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12 Books to Read in 2022 as a CIO/CTO

Gaining more knowledge will prepare you for future challenges, but only if you read the best books for your role. So, which books are a must-read for CIOs and CTOs?

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3 Reasons the Best CEOs Can Be MIA

The best CEOs are on a "digital sabbatical" at least once a year. They don't let the business suffer and their employees benefit from it. See how you can do to.

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The importance of intrapreneurship

So how does an organization harvest the positive attributes of entrepreneurs within their ranks while keeping those people employed at their company?

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The post-crisis future of the digital space

Over the last few months everyone has faced the same impending crisis on a global scale. Thus the ability to do business digitally has become critically important.

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